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5Rhythms is incredible movement medicine. We put body in motion, attend to breath and sensation and heart moves toward authentic expression.  We might even notice pauses in mind chatter. Body-heart-mind presence is a potent combination, a prescription for creative spirit to bloom.

Your own dance is so powerful, revealing and transformative that there are no steps to learn in this practice, no way to do this body-soul workout wrong. 5Rhythms is a moving meditation practice to light up your interior richness, invite you to play and learn in the field of relationship, and give you a new chance to re-imagine community. This is a come-as-you-are party.

flowingFlowing: We let the dance in, feet upon earth, body weight fluid and gliding, receptive, tuning in, simply being.

staccatoStaccato: We let the dance out, feel the life force pulsing through, percussive hips & fiery hearts, clear passionate expression.

staccatoChaos: We let the dance go, release to the unknown, surrender to the unpredictable, heads loose, letting go of our tight hold.

staccatoLyrical: We let the dance happen, lighten up, aligned body, heart, mind, expanding into the big whatever.

staccatoStillness: We let the dance be, rise and fall with the breath in a unified field, empty so that spirit is welcome to move through us.

What happens in Wednesday 5Rhythms Waves?

Facilitator: Bella and Juliette
Two hours dedicated to learning the elements of 5Rhythms practice in an ever changing format. Invitation/instruction to guide us into presence sprinkled throughout, sometimes gently, sometimes directly. This may include focused body parts, walking meditation, coaching in the physical practice of the rhythms, exploration of relationship to self, other and group. A through line theme invites us into this embodied exploration. Our receptivity (as well as our resistance!)
to intermittent coaching expands us into a broader movement vocabulary. A wide variety of music starts slowly, picks up to peak then glides down to stillness. This wave may repeat more than once…always changing, forever on the move!

What happens in Sunday Sweat Your Prayers?

Facilitator changes weekly: Bella & a variety of 5Rhythms teachers, see Calendar
Sunday Sweat Your Prayers provides the opportunity to work independently with all you are learning on Wednesday night, an opportunity for practitioners to deepen without much verbal facilitation or guidance. It is also open to those who are not familiar with 5Rhythms practice. If Sunday mystifies you, Wednesday night’s coaching will help!  Two hours of awesome music, usually structured in two waves. Mid-stream, facilitator sets an intention & focus for the guided meditation.

New to class?

If you’ve never been to 5Rhythms®, you might feel right at home or you might feel a bit (or a lot) self-conscious. We hope this information answers some of your questions.

The five rhythms are: flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. There are no steps to learn; just allow your body to respond to the music in its own way. There is no way to do this “wrong”. A good place to begin is to simply move your feet and pay attention to your breath.

Each rhythm is a teacher and as you practice moving with these energetic states you can deepen your relationship to body, heart, mind, soul and spirit.

People in the room have a wide range of experience. Your own dance will be unique. It can be subtle, powerful, revealing and, over time, it can be transformative.

General guidelines:

  • Practice in silence. Cell phones off.  We do not talk in the room.
  • Start slowly, pace yourself, rest as needed, stay hydrated.
  • Be responsible for your self care. Honor any limitations or injuries you have.
  • We usually dance barefoot; socks are too slippery. Soft-soled shoes if you need foot support.
  • Keep your eyes open and remain aware of those around you.
  • Don’t miss a moment! Coming on time and staying for the full practice is the best way to receive benefit.

Wednesday night facilitation creates possibility to try on something new, transform habitual patterns into new ways of being. On these nights, specific instruction sprinkled throughout the evening might focus on body parts; walking meditation; exploration of the specific rhythms; investigation of relationships: to yourself, to one other person, or to the whole group. We all experience varying degrees of receptivity (or resistance) to the teaching.   Nevertheless, as you continue to show up for yourself, your practice deepens. Sunday Sweat Your Prayers provides the opportunity to work independently with all you are learning. If Sunday mystifies you, Wednesday night’s coaching will help!

5Rhythms® has good people and awesome music in a great space, so dance and have fun!

Please feel free to talk to the teacher after class, or later by contacting Bella:

bella@bodyjoy.net      (916) 267-5478         www.bodyjoy.net

More information about 5Rhythms?     www.5Rhythms.com


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