September 27, 2011

The first time I read Connections by Gabrielle Roth, I am embarrassed to admit, I just didn’t like it, felt it was a far cry from the first two books that I had devoured and pored over time and again. The second time through I realized that there was something there, an underlying sensibility that I had missed, interesting but not very accessible. This third time through I am flabbergasted. This slim book is so poetically rich, so full of real world observation, solid guidance and wisdom that bypasses the head and goes straight to the gut. These quotes are all from Chapter 4 Spinning the Web.

“Things that are instinctive to wolf can put a human through a lifetime of therapy. A wolf knows three things: who he is, who he is with – friend, family, foe – and what his place in the universe is… Wolf doesn’t sit around thinking, analyzing, agonizing. He trusts his instincts, which tell him all he needs to know, and he has an innate sense of intimacy with himself, his fellow wolves, and his environment. When you know your place in the pack, you too can sit back, relax and howl at the moon.”

We are dancing our way into knowing our instinctive “place in the pack”. When we bring ourselves to the dance floor (or to the yoga mat – which she references in chapter 4) and pay devoted attention again and again we get back in touch with ancient skills that have been alive in us since the beginning of time. There is so much that separates us from our own instinctive nature, from intimately knowing who we are with and from having a sense of how we fit in to the bigger picture of community.

“Memorable people… are present – body, heart, mind all connected in the here and now… people who aren’t constantly seeking validation, approval, or feedback; people who have faith in themselves; people who move instinctively, relate intimately, think imaginatively… live soulfully.”

I hope you can join us for three opportunities to dance in this realm this very week. Drop in on Thursday night and join the wolf pack who are actively exploring what it means to be alive like this. Come Friday night to Sweat Your Prayers and continue this investigation in your own way. And then come on Saturday for the last module of Presence to delve into how to tame the mind because “being true to yourself is knowing what’s going on inside you emotionally, physically, and mentally and communicating it honestly. This is what it means to give your soul voice.”

“Integrity is not being right or good, but being real.”

Love, bella

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