Movement as Medicine

October 7, 2018

9:00 am - 12:30pm

Clara Auditorium, 1425 24th Street, Sacramento


Welcome to this almost annual fundraiser in support of creative healing. This time all door donations go directly to Sacramento 5Rhythms Scholarship Fund.  50% of the proceeds raised from the silent art auction will go to the contributing dancing artists, balance to scholarships.   Partial scholarships support local students who want to dive into workshops and Wednesday night waves but need financial assistance.  Take a moment to look over the mindful application.   Here is the amazing news: since 2012, this community has raised $7,887 funding approximately 75 partial scholarships.  This is so phenomenal.  Your support is palpable and even a little gift goes a long way.  We’ll have fun doing it on this dedicated Sunday morning.  Thank you!

Come for community sake, to express your unique being, for movement medicine, come…

9-10am Yoga

10-12pm 5Rhythms Dance

9-12:30pm Silent Art Auction | Art by Dancers

Entrance by donation