Self-Care for Pianists

September 25, 2017

1:30pm - 4:30pm

CSU Capistrano Hall, 6000 J Street, Sacramento


Playing the piano: good for the soul, often challenging for the body. We are so unique—genetics, injuries, posture, daily habits. And these postural habits include how we play our instrument. This workshop combines self-care and a guided exploratory posture lab. Learn to be your own do-it-yourself healer. Light up your body intuition and fluidity with rollers & balls. Massage free joints, fascia and muscles in neck, shoulders, hands, back, hips, feet. Tap breath, alignment and deep core stability to support your practice. Enjoy feeling your music come alive in a fluid, dynamic and powerful body. Come prepared for a compelling and spirited afternoon.

Rollers, balls, books and videos available for purchase as home support.



Monday, September 25th 1:30-4:30

(please arrive 1:15)

CSU Capistrano Hall~School of Music

Free parking in garage adjacent to Capistrano Hall.

Fluidity, Power and Release

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