Yoga for Scoliosis, Asymmetry and Imbalance

September 30, 2017

10:00am - 5:00pm

Clara, 1425 24th Street, Sacramento


We are like snowflakes—no two alike.  Our unique alignment, created over time by heredity, injury and habit has us many of us experiencing imbalances in our bodies. These differences can create challenges in the ways we sit, stand, lay and participate in our lives.  Join us for a day of explorative yoga practice. We’ll integrate breath awareness and deep release work using balls and rollers with yoga asana specific to your body patterns.  Breathe, release and realign into a more spacious and balanced expression of your being.   Equanimity is possible when we connect with what is and hold space for what’s new.


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Saturday September 30, 2017
1425 24th Street


Kim Wagaman is a 500RYT and teaches Yoga for Scoliosis. Her emphasis in teaching is self-healing through loving-kindness. She has been teaching since 2006.

Bella Dreizler is a physical therapist who guides yoga & 5Rhythms.  She brings body wisdom infused with heart and soul to yoga mat, treatment table, dance floor.

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