about yoga with bella

Yoga, an ancient path to presence calling us to the mat…a practice that moves us toward alignment – body, heart, mind. Attention to breath and sensation attunes us to all that is stifled by rampant distraction, especially our precious feeling landscape and emergent whispers of intuition and insight. Bella offers a unique slant on the somatic aspects of this journey, infused with years of physical therapy experience.

After selling Dreizler Physical Therapy in 2005, she really wanted to continue teaching.  And it has been quite the community ride: tender years at Deep that morphed into Yoga Shala; six years of Monday mornings at Yoga Solution; workshops and fundraisers at Yoga Seed; and finally, four fruitful, comfortable and lovingly supported years of classes and workshops at It’s All Yoga. Each studio had its own flavor, unique cadre of students, earnest and well-intentioned owners.

She is now working independently but her passion remains the same: teaching students (especially those who want to cultivate a condensed and effective home practice) how to grow loose (self-release with balls and rollers); long (re-establishing length in connective tissue and spine); and strong (subtle core stability). The elements of loose, long and strong are offered in the context of grounded, accessible yoga wisdom and philosophy. A yoga class with Bella is truly a unique experience…don’t miss it!

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