5Rhythms Classes

ON-LINE WEDNESDAY WAVES  (hopefully temporary!)

6:15 Zoom opening circle and warm up 

6:30 One hour instructional Wave on Zoom  

7:30 Zoom closing circle. 

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On a journey of transformation?  Want to connect? To your tender overlooked interior? To other willing and amazing people?  Looking for a place to let it all go?  When you‘re ready to break free of habitual ways of moving, tried and no-longer-true ways of being, those not-so-useful ways of connecting…come dance Wednesday Waves.  Come move, come breathe, come feel.


ON LINE SUNDAY SWEAT YOUR PRAYERS  (hopefully temporary!)

9:45 Zoom opening circle and warm up 

10:00 One hour instructional Wave on Zoom  

11:00 Zoom closing circle. 

Facebook Event Page for current LINK.  

Long to set your spirit free? Want to be part of a vibrant community congregation, deepening week by week? A place to pause, check in with yourself, connect to like-hearted souls and let it all go.  Come dance with us: to the beat of incredible music…on a great old wood floor…in the company of a fabulous bunch of people…come dance.


postponed until further notice….😌

Tuesdays –  10:00-11:30 AM   

Centered   700 Alhambra at G Street

Move in ways that fully support your health and well-being in this dream-come-true session. The musical wave opens softly with guided ball & roller massage. Iron out kinks, sink into gravity, melt into flow. Feel how the music warms your body from inside out. Let the rhythm activate your life force and gently shake out whatever needs release. Dive into lyrical space moving with whatever emerges. Finally? Settle the nervous system: luxurious stretching, surrender to shivasana. Yum.




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