a radiant heart…2-7-16


Soft-hearted, change of heart, hard-hearted, heart’s desire, half-hearted, be still my heart, cold-hearted, eat your heart out, broken-hearted, faint of heart…feel my point? We reference the heart in myriad ways in our efforts to describe our interior emotional landscape. This is rich territory indeed. Close your eyes a moment and check into the state of your own heart right now.

Personally, I’ve had a week of heavy-hearted. We all know this one, heart as sinking stone, ever-present weighty. My elderly father is failing, negotiating the realm of no longer being able to live independently. This man, teacher of my heart in so many utterly painful ways, is not only losing his physical capabilities, but has been steadily losing his mind for several years now. I half-heartedly joke that this mental loss finally allowed him access to his own heart. But it is no joke. He ended our conversation yesterday with “You know I love you”…a phrase that never left his lips until a few years ago. I am glad we both lived this long.

And I felt his love, not just via cell phone communication, but through deep cellular transmission. I’ve been tuning into him a lot lately. Did you know that the human heart is an electro-magnetic organ, the only biological structure that creates a pulsing electrical charge? This charge gives rise to a vast electromagnetic field allowing the heart to communicate with every other cell in the body. And this electromagnetic field doesn’t stop at the boundary of the skin. It actually can be measured up to 10 feet away. And I wonder if that is it’s limit.

And here’s the take home deal: this heart field gets stronger (and weaker) when we consciously attune to, connect with our inner heart. Really…scientifically measured. Place your hands gently over this pulsing organ, give it your full attention for a moment or two, breathe right into it…your electromagnetic field just got stronger, cast a wider more powerful net.

Not only does the heart transmit electrical energy, it is expert at receiving pulses of this energy from others. As we become aware of our own electromagnetic radiance, we begin to perceive the quality of other’s heart energy as soft and tenuous or robust and strong. You might have an intuitive sense of this. And that intuition is based in physical electro-pulsing reality.

Your heart began pulsing in utero at 5 weeks and immediately began to entrain with your mother’s heartbeat. If you place a distressed, weak snippet of heart tissue in a petri dish along with a healthy strong bit of heart tissue, the strong one slowly begins to empower the weak one. In very little time they entrain, they begin beating together. Imagine the implications.

This humble 24/7 servant is a radiant guide to love, creativity, healing, deep knowing and compassion. I want to play in this field with you on Saturday February 18. I hope you can come Cultivate Compassion.

We are here to heal each other, it is sorely needed in these times.

Feeling full-hearted,