a world of good…1-9-19


I’ve been reflecting how ironic it is that in this last decade I’ve been so deeply called to explore all things pelvic bowl. What’s up with that? It’s like God said “Honey, you’re gonna have some big trouble in this bowl coming up so you better get in there and learn all you can.” Let me tell you it’s been very useful to know what I know. There was shockingly little advice or medical follow up for this major surgical event. Well, considering our broken health care system, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The fact that women move through a total hysterectomy or C-section without any rehab pretty much floors me. Here’s the advice I was given: walk and don’t lift for six weeks. Yup. That’s pretty much it.

I finally made a physical therapy appointment. Even though I’m pretty darn compliant, there are places I can’t reach and areas I can’t see and blind spots galore. The dual role of patient/therapist rarely works out well. Plus my wee brain took this one piece of information—no lifting for six weeks—-and extrapolated it into “you will be all better in six weeks”. Right.

So, at five weeks, in anticipation of the Golden Six Week Milestone, I did exactly what I counsel my patients not to do. I zealously pushed myself over my own edge in an attempt to return to my prior healthy state of being. Twice. Since once wasn’t enough. Result? Right hip and groin pain that set me back a bit. So I took this recent two week vacation seriously. I rested. I laid on a beach and read books. I slept in hammocks. I paddled around in warm ocean water. Did me a world of good.

When I returned to my mat I actually felt stronger than when I left. Imagine that? There may be value in rest. And I’m currently and patiently working right up to and never over my own edge. Bit by bit I’m gaining strength. Bit by bit tender right psoas and adductor heal. Bit by bit walking speed and dance moves and yoga asana return. It is utterly geek-y fun to finally surrender and lovingly witness. And I am grateful to be receiving some consultative hand-holding soon.

It feels like such auspicious timing for the three part series Fluidity, Power and Release to be coming up. Why? It’s a time in my life when years of experience and knowledge have churned into a wisdom you can’t get any other way than paying attention while living through lots. This surgery included. So I’m taking this moment to totally encourage you to come play with me. If you want, there’s three opportunities for full Sunday retreat days. Dance in the morning, one hour break, workshop in the afternoon. No worries about it being too much physically. The afternoon focuses on self-care and is light on the dancing. You can do the series or drop into any one; session 2 & 3 will open with review.

Here’s what one student says:

“I just wanted to tell you how very appreciative I continue to be of what you teach. It was especially apparent to me at the last dance workshop, how extraordinary it is that I can tend my body so well now. There were several people on the floor using the tools a la Bella. And I love doing exquisitely tuned in rolling and releasing at home or wherever I land. Wow! Thank you!”   R.B.

And another:

“Bella brings me home to my body like no one else can. With decades of experience in physical therapy, yoga and dance, learning the tools of her trade feels safe. Releasing tight muscles takes practiced patience and can feel a little “dicey”, but with Bella’s guidance, I am so looking forward to continuing.” G.T.

Here’s what I say:

When you attend, two things will happen. You’ll learn effective self-care techniques you can put into practice immediately. No matter if that knee or that hip or that shoulder (etc) is bothering you. That is the reason to come. And you will notice new ways of moving open up in your dance. Immediately.

Fluidity: total massage experience as you learn the most tried and true ways to use rollers and balls to release tight joints and fascia. Not that you have anything like that.

Power: deep dive into the deep core. Everything you always wanted to know about mysterious psoas. Access to subtle strength via breath you never knew you had. Not that you want to be strong.

Release: the mystery of spine. It holds so much energetically and physically. And there are particular sections of it that are tight and blocked and beg to release. Not that you want freedom.

First Sunday in February, March and April. Let’s do it Sacramento. And if a workshop is not your speed, if you want that individualized one-on-one assessment and treatment , well you just pick up the phone and call me.

Why not? love, bella