Hello, I’m Bella…

Hello, I’m Bella…

Curious about me? I’ve lived in Sacramento with my hubby and family since ’72, my professional initiation year into physical therapy.  There is such solid community and grounded, quiet presence in this place. I adore and appreciate this town.

Dreizler Physical Therapy was established 1990, offering quality hands on care to thousands of patients. In 2005 I sold the practice to focus on delivering health care out-of-the-box. Now I see individual clients for holistic treatment in beautiful studio space over my East Sac garage. The focus is hands on care and education for a personal healing movement practice. After more than forty-five years I have landed in a work style that is incredibly nourishing…for you and for me.

Many clients are dance and yoga students, but not all. Since I’ve been on the 5Rhythms dancing path since 2002 , I remain oh so curious about how healing happens when we move on the dance floor. 5Rhythms practice had a huge impact in transforming my life, so in 2008, after years of pre-req prep and a year-long immersion with Gabrielle Roth, I received certification to teach 5Rhythms. Been at it ever since.

My practice of clinical physical therapy is continually evolving and yoga totally nourishes it. Yoga balances the dance and offers fresh perspective to feel my body in motion. Like most of us, I’ve dealt with body challenges over a lifetime. Yoga has expanded my experience beyond the confines of clinical Western medicine and my physical therapy intelligence has opened the world of yoga for me in unique ways. The classes and workshops I offer blend pragmatic physical therapy wisdom with the spirit of yoga. After years of being a student and teaching, in 2013 I finally completed a 200 hour certification in yoga. I think I’m pretty much done getting certified.

In the midst of this sixth decade of life, all these threads are weaving together in incredible ways and 2015-16 was a pivotal year.  My own long term functional spinal scoliosis created personal health challenges that required deep down re-imagining of my self care. I delved into the finer points of the pelvic floor.  What’s happening inside often bears on problems in hips and spine. With rich personal experience and specific training behind me, I now offer internal pelvic assessment and treatment for women for issues with continence, prolapse and pelvic pain.  And, for the third time in this life long professional journey, I fell headlong deep-in-love with psoas muscle once again.  Unravelling the mysteries held in this structure brought me into new relationship with my own asymmetries and provoked deep investigation of what it truly means to move from and breathe with and be in our own center.

My own body has always been my most definitive “textbook”.  Connecting in fresh ways with my own deeper being is a rich foundation for connecting with yours.  Whether we meet in class or  workshop or one-on-one up in my studio…it is all about creating opportunity for a deeper being.

Still curious? You might watch this video filmed in 2012 in Maui.

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