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clear-cut about confusion…9-7-21

Do you know confused?  This tizzy of frustrating paralysis?  Have you ever watched yourself generate flimsy excuses about why you’re feeling stuck?  I know this place and last week, muddled […]

planting seeds of joy…8-24-21

The view is unchanged.  Thirty years, same coastal location.  And, though the world is chaotically strange outside our front door, off the back deck things are persistently unchanged.  Dusky low […]

opening the door…8-17-21

Most Sunday mornings, I head out to dance in the garden. I cruise through mid-town, cross the American river and turn left on Northgate.  Right there, beneath the overpass, week […]

you gotta lot of nerve…6-9-21

The doumentary Oliver Sachs: His Own Life really got my attention the other night. The compelling story of a brilliant man who came into fullness via a challenging childhood, a troubled young […]