Body Joy: roll, dance, stretch

with Bella Dreizler


Centered: 700 Alhambra at G Street
Tuesday morning 10-11:30 AM

Spring quarter: April 7-June 2
Drop in: $18
pre-enroll 9 sessions Spring quarter $135

Want to:
melt those stuck body parts?
dance your morning in?
breathe and release and stretch?

Move in ways that fully support your health and well-being in this dream-come-true session. The musical wave opens softly with guided ball & roller massage. Iron out kinks, sink into gravity, melt into flow. Feel how the music warms your body from inside out. Let the rhythm activate your life force and gently shake out whatever needs release. Dive into lyrical space moving with whatever emerges. Finally? Settle the nervous system: luxurious stretching, surrender to shivasana. Yum.

The story of Body Joy begins in January 2005 when I was trapped in a corner office of my own creation, literally boxed into medical space. It was a clear manifestation of a mid-life physical therapy professional with thirty plus years of clinical experience, beaucoup continuing education and rock steady community standing.  I swiveled my ergonomic chair away from the wide world windows and, once again, escaped into a ragged scrap of butcher paper covering one wall.  A vast scribbled triangle, three angles pointing me out of the box, a fantasy world I was primed to eventually inhabit: physical therapy, yoga, 5Rhythms dance.  I had no friggin’ idea how-where-when, but I was super-clear on why.  Whenever I practiced any one of these three triangle points, the other two were perpetually leaking in.

By 2006 the clinic was sold and I dropped into comforting anonymity, content to practice all three triangle points, unconstrained by the linearity that had increasingly defined my work life.  Somewhere in these opening-to-freedom years, the phrase Body Joy emerged, an allusion to the triangle.  Not that “joy” is the defining emotion that arises when one immerses in the body.  Hardly. An infinite range of feeling awaits when we actually dive in.  Joy refers to the act of surrendering to the body temple, trusting ritual to unfold and reveal.  And though the world of physical therapy provides an authentic form of body access, it rounds into completion with the meditative spirit of yoga and the heart and soul of dance.  Acting as a channel for that inspiration…clearly this was beginning to define my work in the world.   

Still, as the years unfolded, the triangle mostly worked it’s potent magic on an internal back burner.  As I continued to practice and teach the separate disciplines, each branch steadily, subversively informed the whole tree in ways mysterious, barely conscious.  The only time the three visibly melded was in the workshop setting.  Lucky for me, I had several 5Rhythms teachers who recognized the self-care potential of this blend early on.  Even before I was a certified teacher, I was offering the fusion in half days, full days, week-ends.  Then there was six years of Sacramento community retreat at Harbin and the winter 2019 local offering of Fluidity, Power, Release.  The power of this dream-based triangle became increasingly manifest.

A class offering had to burst out, a wave of inspired movement that plays out like this: we open by honoring the myofascial body, a luxurious flow of rolling and melting on the toys.  Acknowledging the pull of gravity, we gently move into weight bearing, the rhythms building and cresting—expressing, connecting, shaking, releasing.  Together we fall into lyrical poetry and then close by finding length, stretch and restoration in a communal field.  All points of the triangle joined by the music and blended in the most organic way.  It took nearly 15 years, but it has been well worth the wait. 

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