breathe, move, change…12-21-21

Breathe, move, change.  Years ago this came to me as a personal mantra.  From time to time, these three words make an appearance in writing. Breathe, move, change…seems an astute motto for current times.  Just when we think it’s one way, it morphs into something else.  As soon as we make plans, they evaporate.  We thought we were headed left and it turns out to be right.  I used to plan 18 months out, now I’m really not clear about January.  Breathe, move, change.

Our practice has been prepping us for rapid fire change for years.  Perhaps language-ed in different ways, every discipline has a form of opening to awareness.  And what is that exactly?  And why would opening to awareness be helpful to foster now?  Well…maybe take a moment here…

Settle your feet into the ground, your butt in your chair, your hands some where at rest.  Notice the quality of the next three breaths and then deepen the next few.  Let your gaze be soft and a bit unfocused.  Relax your jaw.  Open to the surrounding space by spending a minute in visual wander-land.  Focus on NOthing and NOwhere.  Intentionally remain adrift.  Let your mind emulate your eyes: landing on nothing, nowhere. Thoughts randomly afloat in a wide expanse of sky.  Entertain the notion that ANYthing  and ANYwhere are distinctly possible.  Just not in this moment.  I love the term “intelligent naivete”… foster it.

Breathe, move, change manifests from a launch pad of open awareness. Not to say our feathers remain unruffled.  Not to say that we are frustration-free.  Not to say that disappoint is unfamiliar.  There just seems to be a wee bit less wringing of hands, less protracted resistance, less paralyzing bewilderment.  We meet each change with breath and then move with it.  Any moment of pause in open awareness is medicinal antidote to the speed-of-light pace at which life is moving.

Breathing, moving, changing with you in this solstice moment….Bella❤️

P.S.  Photo credit to Bob Dreizler who captured the Solstice Dance last Sunday.  Thank you, love.