to err is human…2-20-18

The territory mined for teaching is usually pretty personal…some classes more than others. I sit with stuff like “well, what’s moving through me?” or “what truly is capturing my attention […]

abundance and patience…2-6-18

You gotta love living in California. Where else would you receive a birthday invitation where creating your own drum nudges out pin the tail on the donkey? Just being a […]

the space in between….10-11-17

The rectangular glass table held sun’s gleam, kindling open faces around me, many deeply absorbed in conversations stimulated by the Esalen workshop morning. I turned to a mid-West pediatrician and […]

rooted in reality…7-27-17

If you’re of Native American descent and privileged enough to live on your ancestral ground, you might be deeply root-connected. For the rest of us in North America, not so […]

aligned with destiny….6-27-17

My family moved to California in 1958 and I’ve spent major chunks of time in the Sierras ever since. Back in the day, my crazy adventurous parents took us backpacking […]

simmering in loss and love…3-20-17

A week simmering in loss and love, feeling how they are inextricably woven, two sides of the same coin…if we are willing. Last Monday I was sitting with a friend, […]

a radiant heart…2-7-16

Soft-hearted, change of heart, hard-hearted, heart’s desire, half-hearted, be still my heart, cold-hearted, eat your heart out, broken-hearted, faint of heart…feel my point? We reference the heart in myriad ways […]

dragging myself thru limbo…10-18-16

Presence does not seem like such an optimal strategy when your breast is squished between two hard plastic plates, the technician prompting you to hold your breath and the rat-a-tat […]

unplugged…what arises? 8-30-16

A strangely cloaked woman lurked outside the Berkeley workshop, her pinched facial features the only skin visible. She was unable to enter the room until all cell phones were turned […]

potential for change…8-16-16

Last year at this time I was entering “body not operating as expected” zone. Know that one? Pain in my left hip increasing in severity and everything I knew not […]