motion in my body=movement in my heart…2-16-24

You know me as mover—with you in yoga or physical therapy.  And maybe know me through dance. Movement in the body creates movement in our emotions. Motion breaks up stagnation in […]

crimes against wisdom…1-19-24

When a forgotten word comes out from behind the curtain and re-inserts itself into my vocabulary it is such delight.  Welcome back prajnaparadha.  A Sanskrit word, prajna means wisdom and […]

greetings to my yoga students and physical therapy patients…12-26-23

Woke up energized this morning and took full advantage of that state to re-record the Introductory Videos on the website.  Three years ago they were formatted from an on-line series: […]

the story of Sam…12-18-23

Must’ve been 2007 when I first spent some deeply personal moments with Sam, who gave me permission to write this story.  A student in my roll and release workshop, we […]

reckoning & resolve…12-12-23

Stillness in December has been an acquired taste.  My southern California childhood, a year round adventure land, offered no pause for the cold or inclement.  I’ve lived up north fifty […]

a fall from/to grace…10-4-23

I love my far-flung wide reach of a newsletter.  Maybe you are a reader.  This when-whimsy-strikes blog spurns me to spout on wide-ranging fancy-tickling topics.  But this is different; sometimes […]

a year that remains in the balance…9-18-23

In the northern hemisphere, autumn waits in the wings.  I’m a big fan of markers that have been tracked by humans for millennia.  They connect to something enduring about the […]

slowing down to the body’s pace…9-6-23

This morning I set out on my morning walk and, for the first time since my fall 7 weeks ago, I chose the path leading me right to The Spot.  […]

my healing: medicine in motion

The phrase “loose, long and strong” emerged toward the end of my clinic days, a catchy descriptor for teaching patients how to follow through with healing movement at home.  Twenty-five […]

a breath of fresh air…8-10-23

First, perhaps, an update.  Three weeks since the sidewalk sprawl and healing is some kinda miracle in motion. There’s still sharp pain moving certain ways, end of day ache. Using […]