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 Friday morning        10:00am

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yoga with bella

We come to our mats to engage in the soft healing power of ritual. With humility, we open to breath and intention, melt into reception, tenderly nudge ourselves back when we stray.  Eventually we bring the ritual to a close. Deeper Being students have been physical therapy patients with me at some point.  We come together for support in our own home movement ritual AND to benefit from the remarkable healing available when we practice in community.

The elements of movement ritual evolve slowly over time: changing needs, curiosity, study, awareness. But mostly they’re the same moves. Over and over. At home the ritual can be as brief as 15 minutes. It might be longer.  But here is what we know: a long term, reliably practiced ritual greases neural pathways so that when the physical body is stressed, we have a place to land, a place to return to, a place where there is incredible access to healing.

In a container like this we naturally develop the body intuition to be our own best body worker. We breathe into experience with rollers & balls, massaging tight areas in neck, back, shoulders, hips, feet.  We train subtle dynamic stability deep in the central core. We feel the natural application of all this in yoga asana.  We renew our sense of alignment in the world as we sit, stand and walk. We grow ourselves loose, long and strong.

Space is held in the spirit of vibrant communal inquiry.  Students are welcome to speak out during practice. What are you feeling? What can be demonstrated or articulated that would help you connect more deeply?  We are in this together, finding our way toward balance, alignment and optimal health.  

I’ve travelled this path with my own varied body challenges and with thousands of patients and students.  This is for sure: if you engage in ritual with community support weekly AND practice at home 20 minutes most days you’ll feel the change:

a new relationship with body, breath, sensation

deep understanding of your particular body challenges

a body loose, long and strong

an understanding of your unique asymmetry

application in everyday life, especially standing and sitting

support for the activities you love: yoga, dance, running, biking, gardening…living!

If you would like individual support to develop home ritual…..

$200   two hour physical therapy session with Bella and filming of  individualized video support

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