Essential Recharge: Online

July 18, 2020

10:00am - 12:00


By Donation

Pre-register here:

After registering, receive confirmation email with information about joining the meeting.  Waiting room opens at 9:45. It’s a yoga class…thanks for being on time!


Thank you for supporting this offering in a way that feels just right for you. If you have been unaffected financially by these challenging times, suggested donation $15-$20. No one turned away for lack of funds.


We’ve been moving together online since mid-March. Tuesday and Friday classes will be on hold for the month of July while I take a breather. Let’s get together for a special two hour session July 18th and feel the support we’ve been leaning into.  We’ll leisurely review all the essentials. Psoas—soothe, release, tone, stretch—and the way it is a storage locker for stress our natural through line in this offering.  It will be recorded to inspire the rest of July.


What: fascia release with rollers and balls, subtle core toning, stretching. Expert Bella guidance to establish or recharge your home mat practice.

Why: Sometimes we feel juicy, flexible, loose or powerful. AND it’s totally human to feel tight, achy, weak, downright painful. Utter truth: some body part on the fritz is the norm. Sometimes that fritz really cramps our style. What if we could suffer less?

How: This session helps you establish a 15 minute habit on your home mat. Even 15 effective minutes can create huge change. I’ve pulled this together for 1000’s of patients and my own steadily aging body. Let’s be together and heal into all we can be.

Set up for success: I offer great verbal cuing, so if you’re an auditory learner and don’t want to video focus or don’t want to be viewed on screen, that is perfectly OK. If you’re a visual learner, screen focus helps. I offer close ups and long views. Positioning your mat parallel or a bit diagonal to screen is ideal. The image you see on your screen is what I see. I sometimes offer cues if I can see you. If this is of interest, make sure you see your full image when you lie down & sit. When you stand, be further from your screen.

Equipment needed: just your mat or carpet and the toys pictured: foam roller, two tennis balls taped together and one small-ish massage ball of your choice. Need to purchase roller or massage ball? Check this link.