Essentials On Line: slow moving intro or refresh (by donation)

Starts April 7, 2020
Ends May 19, 2020

10:00am - 11:15


By Donation

Register in advance for Tuesday May 26 10:00-11:15 meeting:


After registering, receive a confirmation email with info about joining the meeting.  The waiting room opens 9:45. It’s a yoga class…thanks for being on time.


Thank you for supporting this offering in a way that feels just right for you.  If you have been unaffected financially by these challenging times, suggested donation $10-$15.  No one turned away for lack of funds.

Equipment required:  just your mat or carpet, foam roller, two tennis balls taped together as pictured and one small-ish massage ball of your choice.
Suggested links if you need to purchase roller or massage ball.


Set up for success: when I see you on the screen I can offer cues.  Make sure you can see your full image when you lay down and sit up.  When we stand, you may need to be further from your screen.

Bella…your Essentials teaching is really translating very well. You’re a clear communicator which is essential as a teacher. Thank you for being so clear. I feel as if I am in a class & sitting really close to you at the top of class which I really like – cause i can see your body & feel seen by the teacher…. this really is my favorite online thing I have tried. There’s intimacy…. How cool. Well done.   J.F.

What: fascial release with rollers and balls, subtle core toning, stretching.  Expert Bella guidance to establish or recharge your mat habit.

Why:  Sometimes we feel juicy, flexible, loose or powerful.  AND it’s totally human to feel tight, achy, weak or downright painful.  Utter truth: for many of us, some body part on the fritz is the norm.  Sometimes that fritz really cramps our style.  What if we could suffer less?

How: 15 minutes on your home mat can create huge change. I’ve pulled this together for 1000’s of patients and my own steadily aging body.  This is support for that essential 15 minutes. Let’s be together and heal into all we can be in this “one wild and precious” life.

The Essentials….final in person class cancelled.

SO SORRY…what times we are living in…Our venue, Clara Auditorium is closed through March. If you are already enrolled, look for email from Bella. Full refund available or credit for Essential Recharge (now up on the workshop page)—last Saturday of the month April thru October 10-noon—a different venue—Epic at Fair Oaks and Howe.  This description pretty much sums it up…a two hour monthly practice to support you at home.

We all experience moments our bodies feel juicy or flexible or loose or powerful.  So glorious.  AND it’s totally normal human experience to feel tight or achy or weak or downright painful.  Secretly harboring a belief that everyone else is always glorious?  Here’s the utter truth: for many of us, some body part on the fritz is the norm.  Sometimes that fritz really cramps our style.

For sure, being with what is…a noble practice.  But what if we could suffer less?  Fifteen minutes on your home mat can create huge change.  I know.  Because I’ve pulled this together for thousands of patients and for my own steadily aging body. This is the essential support to create dedicated healing time for your precious self.  Three Saturday mornings devoted to simple, effective (dare I say totally sensual enjoyable?) practice that support all you want to do in your life.