going feral…7-8-20

Feels like a chapter, this chunk of time spanning pandemic initiation until now.  I didn’t know it was a whole book.  The first few pages found many teachers cobbling together a way to teach on line.  I hopped right in, this early scramble motivated by need: a clear calling to support community and to personally remain creatively alive through the uncertainty. The learning curve of being an online student/teacher was steep and relentless for us all, a mirror of everything else we were absorbing, digesting, getting the hang of.  March drifted into April, May and June.  Now that I know it’s a book, I feel how this first chapter is complete.  So I’m taking a bit of a break this month, resting, dreaming, listening…feeling into the next chapter. 
Wednesday Waves is on a break.  Sunday Sweat Your Prayers continues two ways through July: Zoom online in your home AND simulcast live from the garden—limited enrollment, physically distanced dancers. We’re keeping a close watch on local COVID trends and will cancel the live component if we must.  I’ll dance on Sundays but teach only July 19.  After three tentative weeks, the incredibly respectful community present, Majica and I feel the palpable benefit of this in person offering outweighs the low risk.  Links below for each version.
For months, during Tuesday Essentials and Friday Deeper Being, I witnessed us all on our home mats   I’m holding that vision, inviting us to continue coming to our mats independently this month.  To support us, to gather us, to call in those of you unable to join us on a weekday morning, I’m offering Essential Recharge Saturday July 18 10:00-noon—a round up of everything we’ve been exploring.  It will be recorded for you to tap into the rest of the month. 
The thread woven all the way through these upcoming two hours?  Psoas awareness and the way it functions as body barometer.  This amazing muscle always activates in response to stress. Our lives are chock full of that tension response right now.  That activation can be a life-saver.  But sometimes it is culturally conditioned or personally habitual.  No matter, an uptight psoas is still the result and can wreak havoc.   The antidote?  We can learn to read it’s useful and not so useful signals as clues.  And we can tend psoas—soften & soothe, tone & lengthen.   Come feel it.
Right now, at the end of this chapter, I feel similar offerings emerging in August.  Stay tuned.  I’m leaving this morning for many days in the forest and hope to do as much camping as possible in July.  Being close to the earth, away from technology and media, tracking the sun and moon and stars.  I call it “going feral” and it never fails to nourish, inspire and replenish.  

Sending love and support through the ethers this morning…Bella