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First appointment?  So simple….

Initial assessment appointment, approximately one-two hours: 

To take a solid history, complete a physical assessment, provide quality hands on treatment, design and instruct a specific self care program and video this program for ease of home follow through…well, quality takes time—one-two hours depending on the complexity of your symptoms.  It takes two hours when there are chronic recurring issues, multiple involved body regions, surgical complications and/or symptoms that radiate into the extremities.

Two hours:  $200 cash or check; $210 credit card  (pro-rated if we take less time)

After first appointment?

So many payment ways to go.  How to decide?  After your first appointment we discuss best option for you.  It will be obvious!

Follow up appointment, 90 minutes:

$160 cash or check; $170 credit card (pro-rated if we take less time)

Initial visit and 2 follow up—3 pre-paid appointments

$490 cash or check; $505 credit card

3 pre-paid follow up appointments  (not including initial assessment appointment):

$450 cash or check; $465 credit card

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