Intro to the Essentials

Personal Practice Wherever You Are.

What if you could create feel-good self-care right at home?

A vital body, flexible, supple, resilient…this series is all about that. Want to be at ease when you come to the mat?  Mix and match depending on how you feel?  Never do the same thing twice? Make it short, make it long, never boring?

These are the essential skills to land on your home mat with confidence and expertise.  These are the feel good tools to care for your body.

Roll, Release, Align: The Introduction

These slow and easy basics offered for FREE.  Why?  I want you to enjoy the pleasure of caring for your unique and beautiful body.  Feel confident when coming to your mat, with or without the support of a teacher.  Join Bella in these gentle sessions and learn the basics of creating a body loose, long, strong…vital.

These are the basic skills needed for taking any class in the Video Library.  Let me guide you through the essentials: foam rolling, tennis ball releases, core strength, stretching out.  After just one session you’ll be totally inspired to roll your mat out at home with self-assured expertise.

Essential Foam Rolling

Slow easy foam rolling.  Roller density (so important), sensation, pressure, modification, breath.  Enjoy the pleasure of releasing fascia, muscle and joints that restrict your fluidity and can cause pain.  Come feel.

Essential Core Strength

The basics for how to be vital and powerful deep in your core.  Meet your psoas.  Learn to incorporate breath into your practice. Have foam roller ready!

Essential Tennis & Soft Ball Releases

Slow, gentle technique for releasing with two sets of double wrapped tennis balls. If you know you’re a tender one, a thick carpet on the floor is your best friend.  Or substitute the with the soft balls.  Modifications offered.  Special emphasis spine, deep hip rotators, psoas and organ body, shins and calves and feet.

Essential Stretching Out

Breathe into the possibility of length in the big muscles attaching legs to pelvis, arms to rib cage.  A long fluid spine: forward folds, back bends, twists.