January Essentials…time for change…1-3-22

The practice space pictured above? I’ve rolled around on the floor enjoying this same view periodically over twenty years. There is something so child-like nourishing about tumbling around on the ground…no matter what the view. You and I could have an intellectual conversation about being grounded, the pull of gravity, negotiating body weight, feeling fluid. But when we get close to the earth, moving with or without these toys, abstract concepts become physically embodied. This embodiment creates literal groundwork for healing and positive change.

Vitality: exuberant physical strength or mental vigor;
the capacity for the continuation of a meaningful existence;
the power to live or grow

Who doesn’t want that? A nimble body, flexible and supple, underpins vitality. The foam roller, which entered my world in ’92, is a limberness generator. Me and the double tennis balls go further back to ’84. Years of personal exploration inform my personal practice, key to maintaining vitality, a fluid ability to move with ease in the world. Intimate comfort with moving parallel to the earth. It feels non-negotiable essential. And it is my own practice/play that continues to infuse the treatment offered to patients and evolve the fundamentals of what and how I teach.

Most recent vitality discovery? All the interesting ways two sets of double-wrapped tennis balls expand the world of release. Why did it take me 38 years to dream up using two sets at once? Apparently evolution has its own timeline! Please have two sets ready for practice.

Ready to roll your mat out at home with inspiration and confidence and expertise? Ready to experience the pleasure of creating fluidity and ease and vitality? Join me on line these four Saturdays 9:30-10:30 to enjoy building loose, long and strong essential skills.

An Essential Introduction (on-line)

Foam Roll January 29
Tennis Ball Release February 5
Core Strength February 12
Stretch Out February 19

Pre-enroll in all four to receive one free class or Video Library session. Or drop-in to any one class. 15 minute Q&A session follows at 10:30. Want to practice twice? Timing doesn’t work? Recording sent to all enrollees.

Once you get the hang of these four basics, you’re ready to practice Friday morning Essential classes or a Video Library session. Every practice includes the basics of loose, long and strong. And week by week, throughout the year, we systematically bring focus to particular body regions. Join at any point along the way; the incredible undulating spine inspires our January practice.

So this is an invitation to those of you who already love to roll around on the ground AND for those of you who want to cultivate an ease with just that. In Essentials you start right where you are. On your mat. In your own home. With expert guidance.

Let’s be on a roll together….❤️Bella