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My husband, partner in life, best friend is Bob Dreizler. In the late 80’s, within a year of each other, we both ventured into self-employment.  He is a financial consultant with a specialty in socially responsible investing. His political voice and the evolution of his art work continue to amaze me.  For more information about all his worlds

Not surprisingly both of our beautiful children are self-employed as well:

My daughter lives in SF with her husband Jeff and our two beautiful grandchildren. Sonya Dreizler Schinske works as an independent consultant in impact investing and business operations expertise for financial services firms.

My son, Ross Dreizler, after 17 years of cooking all around town, opened Recess Cafe in March 2018.  It is open Monday-Friday for breakfast and lunch at 11th and Q Street.  I am most happily the resident soup maker.

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Dance Sacramento 5Rhythms

5R Spaceholder, a step along the teacher training path

I am so honored to be mentoring Majica Phillips along this long and winding path.  She offers a First Friday Sweat at 7:30pm each month.  Info here:

Movement As Medicine
is our semi-annual fund-raiser for 5Rhythms scholarships

5R classes in Nevada City/Grass Valley
Juliette Kunin is my soul sister:

Dance Tribe Nevada City/Grass Valley

5R classes and workshops Bay area

Vehllia Tranne and Alessandro Moruzzi in SF:

Jennifer Burner in Marin:

Sayrah Garrison in Oakland:

5Rhythms Classes California

Info about the global world of 5Rhythms



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