on the move…..5-17-16


Starting June 1: Clara 1426 24th St  btwn N & O…look for our sign!

I remember 2009 as our 5Rhythms semi-homeless year. Difficulties with the City of Sacramento at McKinley Park Clunie landed us in these dire straits. The YLI space wasn’t working and we floundered along at Deep until year’s end. I was understandably wary when a random call from the City tempted us back. But we took the leap; Coloma was not Clunie and the administration seemed to bend over backward making up for previous bad behavior.

We landed there January 2010 and had an amazing 6 ½ year run. So much good. So many memories. Thursdays just kept on cooking, regular Sweats kicked off in 2012 and we dove in to nine incredible workshops (#10 starts Friday!). This increasingly loved and appreciated sacred space nourished and held us in practice for years.

There was an administrative change at the beginning of this year and I won’t bore regular readers with the re-cap. Suffice it to say, just add another couple paragraphs of slimy bureaucratic details. Ending with the City’s decision that they would no longer be able to provide us with storage space. Sigh. We are leaving at the end of May, folks. Two more Thursdays, one more Sunday (sorry, no Sweat on May 22…workshop). Please check bodyjoy.net for current information.  I hope you will join us in this last chance to dance in this physically stunning space.

Last Sunday I danced on the brink of letting go, acutely aware of how much beauty and history we are releasing. Teeter-tottering with grief is incredible excitement about the upcoming move. So much serendipity. Two years ago I wrote letters in support of renovating the old Fremont School at 24th & N Street.   Clara, brand spanking new and housing the Sacramento Ballet, is now a community resource dedicated to the performing arts. One thing just organically led to another until we test-danced it last Wednesday night. Here’s the physical bottom line: if Coloma were a Cadillac, Clara would be a Pontiac. It has that old world brick high ceiling feel, an old oak floor (a little less spiffy) and it’s smaller, clocking in at 2/3 the Coloma footage. Yet Juliette and I pumped out the music and a small group of veteran dancers gave it a clear thumbs up.

So there is physical change and adjustment. But energetically? The full impact remains to be seen, but in this moment, Clara is looking very Cadillac-like. The director, bless her heart, came and danced with us Wednesday night. They are welcoming us to this space with open arms; we are being acknowledged as valuable anchor tenants. They’re allowing us to mount speakers and after twelve years of jockeying 90# speakers…need I say more? We are in conversation about sub-woofer and acoustic adjustments and changes in lighting and parking and storage. In other words: there is a collaborative spirit as we tend all the myriad details. It is incredibly refreshing. It is as it should be.

So heads up to these dates as after twelve years, Thursday changes to Wednesday beginning June 1.  And here’s to twelve more years breathing and moving and changing with you….bella


Coloma Center   4623 T Street

Thursday Waves May 19  & 26 6:30-8:30pm

Sunday Sweat Your Prayers May 29 10:00am-noon

Journey w/Kate Shela May 20-22

room for 1 more….


Clara 1426 24th St  btwn N & O…look for our sign!

Wednesday Waves 6:30-8:30 pm

Sunday Sweat Your Prayers 10:00am-noon

P.S. As of June 1 your Thursday and/or Sunday Dance Card good for either Wednesday or Sunday…waited a long time for this moment to come!