sprawled on the sidewalk…7-28-23

One moment: upright human being out for early morning walk.  Next moment: pathetic creature sprawled on sidewalk.  Just like that.  One more lesson (as if needed) on how change happens […]

perfect just the way you are and…7-14-23

She described every detail of her right foot pain.  The way in 2020 it commenced in conjunction with the lockdown.  Which she dealt with by taking extraordinarily long neighborhood strolls.  […]

right on the edge…7-5-23

I considered several juicy options to mark the momentous wheel turn at birthday fifty.  Ultimately I chose what scared me most.  And began to own up to a lifetime of […]

peeling layer after layer…6-14-23

Each month Spotlight, a monthly publication of 5Rhythms Global, introduces teachers to dancers around the world.  While in West Virginia I connected with Jenelle, a southern California teacher who creates this […]

I feel you feeling me…6-6-23

“I feel you feeling me.”          Thomas Hubl This simple quote nails it.  When I feel you the same instant I sense being felt by you…well, that […]

seven repetitions…so much medicine….5-30-23

Touching home base just this one day before I depart once again. I feel drawn to the page, chock full of expression that begs emptying.  Bathing at Harbin Hot Springs […]

mother musings…5-15-23

On Saturday night I fell into the photograph rabbit hole, precious images archiving what it looked like to be a young family.  This greased the wheels for many tears on […]

tears that become rain…5-9-23

  Holding space for 5Rhythms practice, a unique calling.  In the days preceding a session, I root through the mud of my life, digging for what’s most alive and juicy.  […]

a quietly considered step back…4-27-23

I’m sitting in a Petaluma coffee shop, headed home from three days camping solo on the northern California wild coastline.  Celebrating that I can still pull off something like this […]

Hands on. Face to face. No substitute….4-18-23

For the umpteenth time I listened to a physical therapy tale of woe.  Just last week I heard the story again.  With variations on body part, it pretty much goes […]