understanding is not knowing…5-30-17

A simple turn of the English language can travel right to heart or gut, rattle us for days. I was listening to Thich Nhat Hanh clarify why he uses the […]

self care geek-dom…5-17-17

  Journey Day 10, huddled fireside at, of all places, the Ritz Carlton, grateful for a bit of warmth and food prepared by someone other than me. Time out in […]

simmering in loss and love…3-20-17

A week simmering in loss and love, feeling how they are inextricably woven, two sides of the same coin…if we are willing. Last Monday I was sitting with a friend, […]

black belt in connection…3-14-17

I was held all day Saturday at a yoga retreat dedicated to sutra 1.33, the four brahmavihara. This sutra takes the practice of yoga off the cushion (where it might […]

curiosity, compassion, patience 2-14-17

Sacramento residents cherish spring-surprise February days. Especially this wet year. In a small backyard nook, even in winter depth, I can count on basking on those special days. Yesterday I […]

a radiant heart…2-7-16

Soft-hearted, change of heart, hard-hearted, heart’s desire, half-hearted, be still my heart, cold-hearted, eat your heart out, broken-hearted, faint of heart…feel my point? We reference the heart in myriad ways […]

dedicated to curiosity…1-17-17

I have books on my shelf with titles like Pelvic Power that have been there since the nineties. Because the eighties core stability craze focused on creating a corset around […]

listening to our heartspeak……..1-10-17

The year was 1970. I was stretched out in the dark, atop a floor mattress in a funky duplex in Sherman Oaks. A commanding voice boomed out of the FM […]

celebrating spirit…12-20-16

Been dancing in the new year at St. Joseph’s Grass Valley as long as I’ve been involved in this conscious dance practice. I’ve missed one or two over the last […]

longing to be free…12-16-16

I’ve been doing a lot of hanging out lately. Meaning I’ve been upside down, letting gravity have its way with me, allowing elongation. Slowing down and breathing fully. A gravity […]