holding space….3-24-15

I first heard the term “holding space” when I dove into dance as a moving meditation. Curious how this phrase tenderly moved through me and informed every bone in my […]

what liberates, what freezes….2-26-15

Wind sheds chaos in the trees, light is a subtle shade of brilliance and 67 people are acutely aware of how precious the time remaining is. For that I am […]

getting out of our own way…1-26-15

I hadn’t been feeling well for several days. Yet it was Saturday afternoon and this commitment to teach Intro to 5Rhythms was long-standing and I am too much a professional […]

such a tender age….1-13-15

“Really? That’s just an old story.” Ever been on the receiving end of this condescending comment after baring your naked soul? Confiding hard-earned insight, true childhood root of why your […]

inching toward union…. 1/6/15

I had opportunity and loving support to bathe in deep silence for a long-short two and a half days. Long enough to know my busy and future-oriented mind, which is […]

no longer waiting…12-23-14

“We are the ones we have been waiting for…” The origin of this phrase is controversial but its inherent, powerful truth resonates deeply. Hopi elders used this expression to conclude […]

the good little soldier… 12-9-14

We are all so very human and more or less aware of our inherited and self-generated interior cast of characters who show up for those better or worse curtain calls […]

enrolled in the school of life….12-2-14

Ever feel washed, wrung out, hung to dry? I spent yesterday afternoon couch-curled, sunk in recovery, a bit breathless from two over-the-top weeks. Many extraordinary things came to pass in […]

freedom of speech… 9/30/14

Thursday night 2003, Clunie Clubhouse, 8:30pm…again. After a full year dancing, I know the drill. Time to circle up after practice. Listen to the extraordinary shifts and communal realizations happening […]

walking the intuitive to practical line… 9-9-14

Late 80’s, a chapter of intense orthopedic manual therapy training. One moment remains crystal clear: case presentation, standing before my peers, explaining each turning point in treatment, how multiple options […]