finding our way home…8-25-14

This morning I took my 90 year-old stooped papa to the airport so he could fly home. I didn’t want him to go. And I felt the profound shift this […]

stop being foolish…7-22-14

At least once a week someone corners me for a variation on the same urgent confession: how much or for how long they have wanted to come to a 5Rhythms […]

Yoga…a dangerous practice 12-10-13

Periodically someone with dubious authority publishes an article about why it is dangerous to engage in yoga. The latest article, published in the New York Times last month, warns flexible […]

How do you feel? Nov 12, 2013

Peppermint steam wafts between us, this friend seated across from me at Pete’s. Her whole being emanates open ground as she poises the $64,000 question: “How do you feel right […]

flying into moonlight… 10/12/13

Last night I was lifted ever so slowly from a dream sound-tracked by rhythmic flutter. I rose to a large butterfly, burnt toast in color, beating her frustration against the […]

feeling this, doing this…. 09/17/13

Book Club last night, intrepid women fearlessly tackling sticky issues, personal travails, the obstacles on our common journey to our birthright home, our essential goodness. Last night we dove into […]

Last Yoga Teacher Training Blog… 5/22/13

What are your thoughts on teaching, being a yoga teacher, or your desire to be a yoga teacher now compared to before you started this program? This part of the […]

Surrender: Yoga Teacher Training… 5-20-13

The question is: What, most simply, can you surrender to this week? Maybe program related, maybe not. This week I had to write a bio and did a list of […]

Aruveda: Yoga Teacher Training… 5-15-13

Blog 2 – We had a very full weekend – what is still lingering, resonating, buzzing? We spent three hours Friday night with an aruvedic practitioner, not my first exposure […]

Svadhyaya: Yoga Teacher Training… 5-1-13

I was supposed to blog about what was outstanding from the anatomy lesson on Sunday but I had to miss this weekend of training. California Spirit Fest was simply amazing […]