we need not go it alone…3-28-23

I up and quit my fresh from interning professional job after just 2 ½ years.  It was an absorbing chapter, sprawled on a floor mat, delivering therapy for youngsters shaped […]

hanging in the balance …3-16-23

Twenty years ago, in a corner clinic office, I languished yearning to be free.  Literally boxed in, held by a rectangle so rigid it was hard to move and fully […]

shoulda, coulda, woulda meditation…3-8-23

Meditation: maybe this is on your shoulda coulda woulda list, lumped in there with proper nutrition and daily exercise.  It was on my list also for a long time.  But […]

taking the reins….2-27-23

Evaluate and treat:  3 X a week for 6 weeks So would read any number of prescriptions at the physical therapy clinic I owned.  The patient came in for assessment and then […]

cautionary tale, family saga, skin as metaphor….2-22-23

Is this a cautionary tale?  Family saga?   Exploration of skin as metaphor?  Without really knowing I’ll just begin as I sit here recouping from yet another Moh’s procedure.  If you know […]

it’s all medicine…2-2-23

I guess you might say I’m a medicine woman, deeply connected with the wide array of sacred ways we nurture our health and alleviate our suffering…all things healing. The dictionary […]

women talking…1-17-23

I was blessed by a pair of cinema angels this past week.  She Said and Women Talking on consecutive evenings, films that courageously dive into sexual harassment/abuse.  Minimal time is […]

your own brilliant magic…1-12-23

River waters nudge the levee.  Wind borderline terrifying.  Windows pelted, elder trees topple.  Grateful for bodily safety but my heart aches and my spirit feels damp as the yard.  Pervasive […]

true, necessary, kind…..1-1-23

Intention          Resolution          Pledge         Commitment A weighty tradition, a call to action, tethered to year’s end…. Reflection         […]

“not all those who wander are lost”…12-20-22

The altar space pictured above organically emerged in my studio in 2020 right along with Covid.  Just know that visual creativity is not my artistic go-to expression.  So it’s intriguing […]