wave of creativity…2-1-2016


When it came to those college level non-life science classes like physics and chemistry…well, I scraped by. But I totally get this Gabrielle Roth basic physics quote:

“Energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. Human beings are just that, energy, waves, patterns, and rhythms…nothing more, nothing less…a dance.

Waves happen all around us and any practice that moves from stillness to crescendo and back down again is bound to deliver some visceral truth. The upcoming workshop Cultivating Instinct was borne at a wave low point, hour on inward hour present to arising sensation, breath reception, attunement to instinctual healing. This went on a long time; I was just being with, never suspected there was a workshop in infancy forming.

Over time the energy built, as it does. After long enough in the flow it became known that healing instinct takes dedicated time, supportive environment. Attention to the body at rest, in shapes and with physical movement. And investigation of all flotsam generated by the physical, all the energetic stuff that begs to be fleshed out.   How the heart is engaged, what mindful insight surfaces, the mythical way it fits in with the soul journey, how spirit moves right through and along side the whole thing.   The eventual appearance of fiery organizational power seems magical. But the movement toward clear direction and vibrant expression predictably emerges from all this swirling seemingly indecipherable motion.

It was in this focused state I found myself dancing one Sunday morning and, in a pivotal moment, looked at Majica Phillips and immediately knew she would be doing this workshop with me. Because a big part of her life’s work is art therapy, a powerful gentle therapeutic tool that supports us in that complementary energetic plane I am speaking about. And so here is where the creative process got so juicy. We began to trade sessions: I saw her for art therapy, she came to me for physical therapy. Instead of that creative wave moving toward crescendo here, it necessarily receded again, as we slowly began to explore what was going to emerge from and between us.

Back and forth, receptive, open, breathing, oh-so-willing to not know. It begins to unfold: both of us are at a physical healing centered around the pelvic bowl, the deep belly, how it connects to legs and spine. In her space, I explored this in art therapy: drawing and three-dimensional creation. She explored this in physical therapy: breath, release, subtle power, shape, dance— territory I’ve been treading for months on my own. Amazing synchronicity had brought us together and by trade #three, the mist parted and clarity pointed in a singular direction. In that magic moment, on the cusp of staccato and chaos, the border between focus and creation, we both looked toward an installation-in-progress in my studio corner (picture up top). An elk spine and pelvis found on an Idaho hike years ago with a clay bowl cradled deep inside its basin.

All of a sudden we knew this workshop was about cultivating deep belly instinct. Instinct nourished through fluid and powerful physical experiences balanced with an ongoing artistic investigation working the medium of clay. Since then, the unpredictable back and forth creative dialogue has been such a joy-filled collaborative ride. I can feel the wave near-cresting as we move into the playful realm of timing and materials, balancing that with our shared utter need for mystery, a continued element of spacious unknowing.

I humbly invite you to come take this healing ride with us.   Come feel your energy move in waves, in patterns, in rhythm. Majica and I are mid-creation, carving out such a full and nourishing day at Coloma Center for all of us. Together, in the cradle of community, we’ll see what emerges.

Love, bella

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