Yoga Wherever You Are

home yogaYoga on-line?  Why? Starting March 2020, by necessity and with a great deal of trepidation, I moved my yoga offerings on line.  To my utter surprise, this totally works. Many of you are asking that I continue teaching in this unique way.  And since I’m all about supporting you in a vital home practice, it makes total sense.  We are practicing together at home.  Want ongoing support during the week? Each session is recorded.

So pull out your mat in the intimate cozy of your home, outside on your deck or wherever you happen to be in the world.  Practice on line with me to grow loose—self-release with balls and rollers; long—re-establish length and suppleness in connective tissue and spine; strong—subtle core toning and stability. These foundational elements are woven into each session, grounded in the wisdom and philosophy of yoga.

outdoor yoga practice

Yoga is an ancient path to presence…a practice that moves us toward alignment—body, heart, mind.  In this era of rampant distraction, when it is uber-challenging to slow down and listen, how can we best attend to breath, sensation, feelings, intuition?  After decades of studio practice and teaching, I’ve landed solidly at home.  Which I feel offers an ideal environment to cultivate deep internal attention.

Two classes each week:

Essentials: slow moving, gentle intro or refresh to learn the basics of release and subtle core toning.  Open to any willing body.

Deeper Being: energetic session of release, toning and yoga asana for on-going students, those with a firmly established home practice.  By invitation only.

These classes are open to and affirming to people of all genders, gender expressions, sexualities, races, ethnicities, ages, sizes, religions and abilities. If you feel excluded on any of these dimensions, please let me know by speaking directly to Bella or emailing: Thank you for joining us in the work of inclusivity.

A bit of history:

After selling Dreizler Physical Therapy in 2005, my studio teaching included: three tender Deep years that morphed into Yoga Shala; six years of Monday mornings at Yoga Solution; workshops at Yoga Seed; finally, four fruitful years of classes and workshops at It’s All Yoga. Each studio had its own special flavor, unique students, earnest and well-intentioned owners.  In 2018 I stepped out of studios to fully support students wanting to cultivate an effective home practice.

A testimonial of how individual physical therapy work infuses my classes:

“After only 3 sessions with Bella (and plenty of practice at home) I am excited and amazed at my progress. After a significant back injury, resulting complications, and chronic pain, my rehabilitation has required a slow very gentle approach, and significant modifications. Working gently with the roller has given me tremendous relief where I have significant imbalances from the injury. It is an extremely effective tool that I now turn to  relieve pain and bring me back into more balance. A side benefit of working with the roller is that the act of rolling itself created strength, tone, and agility in my body that I didn’t have when I started.  In addition to working with the roller, the subtle work with psoas has been a HUGE game changer. It has given me a relationship to my core I have never had, although I studied various movement modalities, studied and taught yoga, and been a lifelong dancer and lover of salsa dance. This work is a revolution for my body/mind! For the first time since my injury, I have hope about the prospect of being able to dance again, and perhaps better than ever. That is thrilling!”  T.H.


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