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fall waves

5Rhythms Waves

What are we practicing Wednesday night at Clara? Presence, pure and simple. 5Rhythms practice is the vehicle. Show up and devote two precious hours staying with what is true. This is a moving meditation to care for ourselves and to support those who show up with us. You can sit on a cushion, you can move on a yoga mat…me? I’d rather dance on a great floor to unbelievable music with a bunch of fabulous people.

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sweat your prayers

5Rhythms Sweat Your Prayers

Sweat Your Prayers is minimally guided deep dive, a musical journey into the wisdom of your unique body, tender heart and intuitive mind. Free form dance traverses the territory of our searching soul, our wild and untamed spirit. And, in the same moments, connects us with other spirits, indeed, unites us with all life. 5Rhythms is a moving meditation, profound medicine and a map into this “unexplored wilderness”. Each rhythm – flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, stillness – is a gateway map to deep healing.

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