Yoga Therapy: essential practice for the self care geek

  Tuesdays mornings     9:00-10:15
 $15 drop in/ $60 for 5 class card



Yoga Therapy…of course, because you have what it takes to be your own best body worker. Only you can ignite body intuition and breath with rollers & balls, massaging free those tight areas: neck, back, shoulders, hips, feet. Only you can train subtle, dynamic and aligned stability deep in your core. Only you can grow yourself loose, long and strong. Come explore the union of body, heart and spirit…full on presence IS possible.

Is this class for me?

This class is for those of you willing to show up once a week to dial in and receive coaching in simple home practice….essential support for the self care geek.  First half of each Yoga Therapy class is based in principles and practice of loose, strong and long. These devoted minutes coach the most vital 10, 20 or 30 minutes you will do at home several days a week: a bit of rolling, a touch of subtle core stability, varied ways to get long.  Class attendance and video support can grow the easy habit of regular self-care.

Second half of each class will be yoga that fluidly and expertly integrates loose, long and strong into a flow class or a peak pose class or ???   So many possibilities when we have a super-consistent base we are referencing.

Space is held in the spirit of vibrant communal inquiry.  There is encouragement for students to speak out during practice. What are you feeling? What can be demonstrated or articulated that would help you connect more deeply?  We are all in this together, finding our way toward balance, alignment and optimal health.

Because I’ve travelled this path with thousands of patients and students, here is what I know. If you come to class weekly and practice at home most days about 20 minutes you will:

  1. come into new relationship with body, breath, sensation
  2. deeply understand your particular body challenges
  3. work both sides of your body together to become loose, long and strong
  4. eventually work more on one side than the other, addressing your unique asymmetry
  5. apply this in your everyday life, especially standing and sitting
  6. feel supported in the activities you love: yoga, dance, running, biking, gardening…living!

Centered •  700 Alhambra Blvd at G Street

Tuesdays, June 6-August 29 9:00-10:15   $15 drop in/ $60 for 5 class card

Bolster your home practice:

First time at Yoga Therapy?


3 class pass PLUS home video support: Grow Loose

($57 value)


If you would like to become a self care geek more quickly…..


Physical Therapy appointment w/ Bella + 3 Yoga Therapy classes

90 minute one-on-one session, personal video support + 3 classes ($195 value)


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