Self Care Yoga….2018 summer break…stay tuned for Fall comeback!

 Tuesday morning        9:00-10:15am

Delta Mind Body Center  2014 10th St

plentiful parking in back and street

$60 per month or $20 drop in

First time?   $30 intro card for three classes

Develop the body intuition that allows you to be your own best body worker. Breathe into this experience with rollers & balls, massaging tight areas in neck, back, shoulders, hips, feet.  Train gentle and subtle dynamic stability deep in your central core. Experience a renewed sense of alignment, not only in asana, but out in the world as you sit, stand and walk. Grow yourself loose, long and strong.

This class is for you if you are willing to show up once a week and receive expert coaching in simple effective home practice….essential support for the self care geek.  First half of class is based in principles and practice of loose, strong and long, coaching the vital 10-30 minutes you can do at home several days a week: rolling, subtle core stability, length.  Class attendance grows the habit of regular self-care.  Second half of class expertly weaves the principles into gentle hatha yoga.

Space is held in the spirit of vibrant communal inquiry.  Students are welcome to speak out during practice. What are you feeling? What can be demonstrated or articulated that would help you connect more deeply?  We are in this together, finding our way toward balance, alignment and optimal health.

Because I’ve travelled this path with my own varied body challenges and with thousands of patients and students, here is what I know. If you come to class weekly and practice at home 20 minutes most days you will:

  • come into new relationship with body, breath, sensation
  • deeply understand your particular body challenges
  • work both sides of your body together to become loose, long and strong
  • eventually work more on one side than the other, addressing your unique asymmetry
  • apply this in your everyday life, especially standing and sitting
  • feel supported in the activities you love: yoga, dance, running, biking, gardening…living!

Bolster your home practice:

If you would like to become a self care geek more quickly…..

$170   90 minute physical therapy session with Bella, personal individualized video support


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