Fluidity, Power and Release

June 3, 2018

1:00pm - 4:30pm

Clara 1425 24th Street, Sacramento, CA

$65/ early bird $55 until May 13

Sunday June 3

Clara  1:00-4:30

$65/ early bird $55 until May 13

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5Rhythms dance: a map to effortless fluidity, focused power and release of whatever has us in its grip.  Yet the unspoken, dismal truth is that the physicality of the practice and how we choose to move on the dance floor can stress the body in harmful ways.  We come to the dance floor with what ails us and sometimes it worsens out there.  Or we develop trouble as we dance: hips, knees, feet, back, neck and shoulders.


Drop in for a playful and informative afternoon devoted to developing skillful ways to keep these ever-aging bodies grounded and centered in motion.  Find ways to soften and support that radically shift your practice.  Instead of pushing through pain (which never works!), tend to your body before and as you dance.  This expertise will offer long-term health on and off  dance floor.  Fluidity, power and release are your natural birthright—come dance into these gifts.

Bella Dreizler is a physical therapist who personally knows all about those body challenges and how to work through them with some grace.  In addition to her clinical practice, she guides 5Rhythms & yoga, bringing body wisdom infused with heart and soul wherever she lands.


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