Fluidity, Power and Release

Starts February 3, 2019
Ends April 7, 2019

1:00pm - 5:00pm

Clara 1425 24th Street, Sacramento, CA

$175 all three/ $65 for one


Fluidity:  1:00-5:00 Sunday February 3, 2019….already happened and you can still join us!

Power:   1:00-5:00   Sunday March 3, 2019

Release:  1:00-5:00   Sunday April 7, 2019


The Auditorium at Clara  1425 24th Street

How much?

$65 for a single session

Single Session

5Rhythms dance: effortless fluidity, focused power and the freedom of release.  Awesome. And here’s a dismal truth: this physical practice can stress your body in harmful ways.  We move on the dance floor with whatever ails us and sometimes those difficulties get worse out there.  Or we develop new problems as we dance: hips, knees, feet, back, neck, shoulders. What to do? Come for some playful informative afternoons that can radically shift your practice. Develop new skills in supporting your ever-aging body. Instead of pushing through pain (which never works!), tend to this only-one-you-get body before you hit that floor and even as you dance.

Fluidity: rollers soften and enliven those stuck areas—spine, shoulders, legs. Gently come into a grounded grace and natural ease in flowing.

Power: ball work, breath, muscular and fascial awareness re-connect you to an alive belly and heart, your deeper being. Move from an awakened center in the potent clarity of staccato.

Release: rollers, balls, hands on—so many ways to loosen up from head to tail. Dance into an embodied effortless let go in the surrender of chaos.

Here’s my invitation: gift yourself with attending this three part series, feel each session build on the last.  And yes, you can drop in to any one since each session begins with a review of the previous ones.  Here’s what’s so cool: after each session you receive a YouTube link for home follow through on your personal video device. This is expertise garnered over a long lifetime offering long-term health both on and off dance floor.  Being fluid, powerful and released…that’s your natural birthright. Come dance into a deeper being.

Bella Dreizler is a physical therapist who personally knows all about those body challenges and how to work through them with some grace.  In addition to her clinical practice, she guides 5Rhythms & yoga, bringing body wisdom infused with heart and soul wherever she lands.