Holistic Physical Therapy

Holistic Physical Therapy: simple and elegant, arising from the current science evidence, a skill honed for 45 years. Come with your whatever specific body issues challenge you, long standing or new. We’ll discuss symptoms: how they developed and how they behave and how they affect your life.  An accurate history guides us in assessing active movement, the feel of joint, muscle and nerve tissue and the contribution of posture and alignment. Expert hands on table work releases tight structures and assesses subtle core stability deficits.

We learn together and co-develop the corresponding self-care: education to loosen what’s tight, stabilize what’s weak and lengthen what’s short.  And we take a look at how it plays out in posture and alignment, often with illuminating mirror work.  Each session ends with creating of a “cellf” care video: you film me on the mat doing a condensed version of your individual home program.   Take me home: a talking coach by your side as you grow loose, long and strong on your own floor.  So much better than generic sheets of exercise instruction! I’m thrilled with the follow up results I see from this personal “cellf” care video. Patient feedback is phenomenal.

In 2015-16, as I deepened investigation of my own spinal scoliosis, I delved into the finer points of the amazing pelvic floor.  What’s happening inside can often bear on problems in the hips and spine.  With some rich personal experience and specific training behind me, I now offer internal pelvic assessment and treatment for women with musculoskeletal problems in the low back and hips as well as issues with continence, prolapse and pelvic pain.

This is a logical healing approach, but exclusively working in this clinical paradigm was one reason I moved out of western health delivery. There is more to therapy than the physical AND the physical body is such a reliable path into the realm of emotion and spirit. I love my vocation as witness and coach. When we are quiet together, the body speaks volumes. My peaceful studio in the trees of East Sacramento is a beautiful place to listen.

Injuries, habits, genetics and gravity create unique challenges for us all. Come explore body and spirit. Heal shoulder, neck, back, hip, knee, ankle, foot. Skillfully address what keeps you from fully participating in activities you love. For you dancers and yoga students… I am passionate about supporting you. Let me show you how to incorporate simple techniques into your warm-up and into your practice so you can more fully surrender.  A single session will totally move you; a few visits spread over time is an amazing gift.

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