a sudden inner impulse…12-29-20

Spontaneous: performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse
or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus

Have you felt a bit spur of the moment lately?  Carpe diem inclined?  Something about these times sparks this muscle in me.  It was mid-December when I looked at the long stretch of no-dance-scheduled time approaching.   So I asked Majica if she wanted to hold each other in morning practice for a few days running.  Her spontaneous yes organically precipitated an invitation to whom ever wanted to join us for One Day at a Time: nine days, nine o’clock. Last one today…info to join.

Day after day we felt the momentum and energy build as people from here there and everywhere joined us for a one hour wave.  And here’s what arose out of this spontaneous combustion:

  • For years I cherished my go-to 5Rhythms practice with Kathy Altman in Sausalito Thursday mornings.  She is a great teacher AND there is something about a morning practice that is a way better fit for me.  I longed to teach in the morning but even though I watched year after year as exhausted working folk dragged in at 6:30pm, the evening practice was well established in Sac.
  • Zoom and 5Rhythms: my resistance has been huge.  But this nine days in a row shook it free because we landed in a format that really worked.  Focus primarily on the internal practice.  One hour…in…  out…slide off the dance floor and into your day.  Brilliant.
  • From the get-go in this new on-line world I have kept my focus on providing for our local community.  And the way peeps have been showing up—for themselves and for each other—has been amazing.  Heart boosting.  Incredible.  Over the nine days our local community had a chance to be with, feel into, have a sense of the global community.  Come on.  How right does this feel?

And so it all added up to the next spontaneous decision made in five minutes post-dance yesterday.  Wednesday Waves begins again January 6.  One hour.  9:00am and/or 6:30pm.  Your choice.  Morning or night: same music, same theme, same teacher—Majica and I rotate each week.  No additional cost if 9:00 dancers want to do it again at 6:30.  Simply spontaneous. Only in January.  Because who can plan further than that?

And here’s the last offering in 2020:  Essential Fundraiser 10:00am Thursday December 31.  All proceeds to feed the hungry in our community.  If you are unable to make this time slot, just send your Sacramento Food Bank donation receipt to bella@bodyjoy.net and I’ll send you the class recording.  Be ready with your roller and double tennis balls. Gentle release, subtle toning, luxurious stretching for the whole body with a special focus on the back of the pelvic bowl: sacrum and sit bones.  Curious?  See video below.

If not now, when?  Let’s do it…