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Inspired Medicine Through Movement

Online and in-person physical therapy, yoga, and dance sessions for deep healing

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Body Joy: Bella Dreizler
Align your body, heart, and mind through holistic movement practice with Bella Dreizler. Meet Bella

Begin Your Journey to Wholeness

Bella integrates a unique and soulful blend of physical therapy, yoga, and dance for deep healing in connection with yourself and your connection to others. Each modality delivers the education, movement and spiritual tools needed to lean into your practice, experienced in community or from the comfort of your own home.

This is a safe and welcoming space for people of all genders, gender expressions, sexualities, races, ethnicities, ages, sizes, religions, and abilities. We stand with you. You are safe here.

Zoom & In-Person

Fully accessible anywhere in the world via Zoom: physical therapy sessions

Live in Sacramento: 5Rhythms classes, yoga classes, physical therapy appointments in my studio.

Body Joy: Online Sessions with Bella Dreizler

The Healing Pathway:

Healing begins when our actions align with our feelings and thoughts.  Body, heart and mind begin to become truly integrated.

This journey to wholeness begins with the body. As body awareness deepens, heart and mind become accessible. When all three align, the voice of soul and spirit naturally emerges.

A guided practice on the mat and/or the dance floor can steadily reverse our tendency to spiral out of balance. Bella’s healing method blends the pragmatic wisdom of physical therapy on the table, the strong and centered practice of yoga on the mat, and the inspired movement of dance on the dance floor.

Students enter the world of Body Joy seeking one of these three healing practices. Many find that integrating another modality provides additional benefits and nourishment to support the holistic healing they seek.