Physical Therapy

Zoom in your home or (for the vaccinated) in-person, hands on in my Sacramento studio.

How It Works

First time appointment one-two hours, depending on complexity of symptoms and whether in-person or virtual.  To serve you in the best way takes time: a solid history, physical assessment, quality hands on treatment (in-person only), instruction in an individualized self-care program and video filming for home follow through.  You are worth it!

Seventy-five minutes is sufficient for virtual visits for most common body challenges. In person, when hands on treatment is included, can run as long as two hours. More time is required, virtual or not, if your issue is chronic or recurring, involves multiple body regions,  surgical complications and/or symptoms that radiate into extremities.

Follow up appointments are generally more brief than the first visit.


  • $120 per hour by cash/check
  • $4 addtl. service charge by credit card/PayPal/Venmo

All you need for is your willingness! If we are meeting on-line you will also need a mat, foam roller and two tennis balls taped together. Need to purchase a foam roller? Need instructions for double tennis ball wrap? Details on preparing for our session


Curious about how we might approach what is challenging you? Would you like to share your concerns and explore possibility via a brief phone connect? Schedule a 10 minute no obligation phone call below, or call/text 916.267.5478. I look forward to spending a moment of curiosity with you.

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