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Roll, Release, Align

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Body Joy: Online Sessions with Bella Dreizler

Friday August 19


Price Options: Full Value, Financially Challenged

Discount to pre-enroll all 4 Friday September sessions: Sept 9, 16, 23, 30

I’m feeling better, walking better, my posture is improving, my spine is more flexible, my body awareness has increased exponentially, and I can actually sense and activate the psoas muscles for the first time ever!  I am very grateful to you! L.N.

Roll, Release, Align:

on the deck

Wilbur Hot Springs

November 19-20: 3 weekend sessions, included with your day pass or overnight stay.

Come soak, come hike, come let go.

I love this Northern California gem.

Please join me!

Special 4 class series to learn how to support a fluid body, powerful in motion.  Over the decades our needs change; come explore the tender self-care your body craves and needs. Come recalibrate…this is so NOT boot camp! Pleasure-based mat skills w/ foam rollers & balls to free up tight fascia.  Fire up core power with psoas intimacy.  Length for the tightest muscles. Breath weaving it all together. A fine-tuned body-awareness fosters self-care confidence.  Because even five minutes of the right care makes all the difference in the world. Come breathe, come feel, come change.

Provided: balls & one foot rollers, varying density (correct density so important!)

Recommended: bring three foot roller & mat.

Recorded: for home practice support.

COVID: large space to spread out, mask optional, proof of vaccination required.

Discount to pre-enroll all 4 sessions: $80

Pre-enroll October 8 only: $25