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Body Joy: Online Sessions with Bella Dreizler

Friday May 27


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I’m feeling better, walking better, my posture is improving, my spine is more flexible, my body awareness has increased exponentially, and I can actually sense and activate the psoas muscles for the first time ever!  I am very grateful to you! L.N.

On The Deck:

Wilbur Hot Springs

Roll, Release, Align

April 25-27

3:00pm Mon Ap 25 & Tues Ap 26

11:00am Tues Apr 26 & Wed Ap 27

classes included with Day Pass or overnight stay

Above? The view from the open air yoga deck at Wilbur Hot Springs. I’ve been soaking there for years, always dreamed of teaching on this to-die-for deck.  This is my second gig.  Of course, rollers and balls will be coming along with me.  What a natural pairing with the hot soaks.  Practicing out in a natural setting is so awesome….