way past time for silence…11-20-23

I can actually conjure up that buttery smell of hot cinnamon. The smell of fluden wafted into every corner of that green weathered farmhouse. When grandma baked, she was forever […]

turning away, turning toward…11-6-23

Beyond the boundaries of our own skin, the news ticker from the mundane to the cataclysmic is loud and continual. Each to our own, we titrate the current events that […]

all that wanders is not lost….10-25-23

Just back from 3,000 miles of road tripping.  Time decelerated, created a gap and, in so doing, shifted me.  Hours of dreaming out the window, quiet canyons for miles, sweeping […]

a fall from/to grace…10-4-23

I love my far-flung wide reach of a newsletter.  Maybe you are a reader.  This when-whimsy-strikes blog spurns me to spout on wide-ranging fancy-tickling topics.  But this is different; sometimes […]

busy doing less…10-2-23

Early memory:  I’m at the gas station with mom as she fills up our car.  She grumbles about how this chore is such a waste of time.  This hurry up, […]

a year that remains in the balance…9-18-23

In the northern hemisphere, autumn waits in the wings.  I’m a big fan of markers that have been tracked by humans for millennia.  They connect to something enduring about the […]

slowing down to the body’s pace…9-6-23

This morning I set out on my morning walk and, for the first time since my fall 7 weeks ago, I chose the path leading me right to The Spot.  […]

my healing: medicine in motion

The phrase “loose, long and strong” emerged toward the end of my clinic days, a catchy descriptor for teaching patients how to follow through with healing movement at home.  Twenty-five […]

a breath of fresh air…8-10-23

First, perhaps, an update.  Three weeks since the sidewalk sprawl and healing is some kinda miracle in motion. There’s still sharp pain moving certain ways, end of day ache. Using […]

sprawled on the sidewalk…7-28-23

One moment: upright human being out for early morning walk.  Next moment: pathetic creature sprawled on sidewalk.  Just like that.  One more lesson (as if needed) on how change happens […]