right on the edge…7-5-23

I considered several juicy options to mark the momentous wheel turn at birthday fifty.  Ultimately I chose what scared me most.  And began to own up to a lifetime of […]

peeling layer after layer…6-14-23

Each month Spotlight, a monthly publication of 5Rhythms Global, introduces teachers to dancers around the world.  While in West Virginia I connected with Jenelle, a southern California teacher who creates this […]

mother musings…5-15-23

On Saturday night I fell into the photograph rabbit hole, precious images archiving what it looked like to be a young family.  This greased the wheels for many tears on […]

tears that become rain…5-9-23

  Holding space for 5Rhythms practice, a unique calling.  In the days preceding a session, I root through the mud of my life, digging for what’s most alive and juicy.  […]

practice moves through a sea change…4-4-23

Sea change: a profound or notable transformation.  Lately I’ve been curiously at watch as our communities of practice move through a sea change.  Something is different in this post-Covid spell.  […]

women talking…1-17-23

I was blessed by a pair of cinema angels this past week.  She Said and Women Talking on consecutive evenings, films that courageously dive into sexual harassment/abuse.  Minimal time is […]

love letters to a raven…11-2-22

Love Letters to a Raven, an online event, began October 22 on the 10 year anniversary of Gabrielle Roth’s death.  It was a global invitation to post pictures and reflections, […]

thanks for these two woke feet…10-18-22

Gabrielle Roth….I have some crazy stories to tell about the ten years I was her student.  And just as many tales generated by her practice of the ten years since […]

dancing between action and surrender…10-6-22

Back-to-back dance workshop weekends, live community moving in and through, déjà vu from a previous lifetime.  But I just hopped on that dusty dance bike and, a bit shaky at […]

joy…an act of rebellion…5-31-22

The name Body Joy and I have had a tumultuous relationship.  That name came on a whim in 2005.  The sale of Dreizler Physical Therapy—name, logo, community standing —was imminent […]