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Spark a Body Loose, Long and Strong

Roll, Release, Align: one year on-line

The Video Library, in eight chapters, is a snapshot of a year of on-line classes. Each chapter, composed of several classes, explores a body region or system.  A backdrop of visuals, poetry and music will spark your embodied imagination.

The elements of loose, long and strong are woven through these 90 minute sessions. Natural transition points in each session allow you to create shorter practices.  Imparting these basic principles is a life long work in progress.

The base practice continues to change as I track the internal experience of my body and observe responses in yours.  Sensation, injuries, reaction to new techniques is what keeps this practice ever fresh. This on-line year tracks an evolution as we travelled from Nervous System all the way to Shoulder, Arm, Hand.

Subscribe for $25/month receive:

  • 8 chapters, focused on each body region, including:
    • Nervous System
    • Foot, Knee, Hip
    • Pelvic Bowl
    • Anatomical Spine
    • Energetic Spine
    • Rib Cage
    • Organ Body
    • Shoulder, Arm, Hand
  • 55 videos … a year of weekly practice!
  • Each class is 90 minutes, easy to break into shorter sessions
  • Total immersion in release with rollers & balls
  • Core power and stretching in every session
  • Personal practice wherever you are

Roll your mat out, grab your roller and balls, a blanket and a couple yoga blocks and come to your mat with me. Let’s spark a body loose, long and strong.

After you subscribe via PayPal, you will be automatically directed to The Video Library for immediate access. BOOKMARK THE LINK!  If you have any further questions about access, please email me for the video link.  🙏🏼