Yoga Wherever You Are

Body Joy: Yoga with Bella Dreizler

“This, my friends, is wise woman yoga.  No, you do not have to be a woman.  Nor do you have to be wise.  But when you show up here with me, you reap the benefits of many decades of wise woman experience.  And since we’re talking decades, consider this. Each life chapter requires reappraisal of what we do on our mats.  My practice at 70+ is different than when I was 20.  If you are ready to stop pushing, slow down a bit, tend to your body with expertise and breath and love, then this movement practice is for you.”

Bella integrates the wisdom of physical therapy with yoga sensibility.  In-person or virtual, expertly guided practice invites us to be with our bodies just as they are. Healing begins in the space of this presence.  And we are never really alone: a sense of community offers encouragement.  And music: feel the way tempo, fluidity, rhythm support your unfolding practice.

“I thoroughly enjoyed today’s class – a deep and powerful experience with my pelvis – and I did feel the effect all the way up to my neck! Please send the recording. This is one I really should repeat.  I also want you to know that I find that your classes are always professionally presented with a warm and personal touch that relaxes and invites good effort and active participation. I include the “teaching” about anatomy in that comment – definitely helpful in locating those bones and muscles!  THANK YOU!” B.J.