Preparing for Class

For Friday morning class:  please have 3 foot roller,

4 inch smooth ball, and double-wrap tennis balls.

Foam Rollers

Body Joy: Online and in-person physical therapy, yoga, and dance sessions for deep healing.

The right density—so important. Too soft—no tissue change. Too hard—body tightens in response.  Using a roller (at most) should “hurt good”.

  • Softie: if you are slender, bit fragile, do not like deep massage
  • Medium: if you need a bit more pressure
  • Medium Hard: firm for sure, but less than hard
  • Hard: if you love deep deep deep massage

Smooth Ball Set

This unique two ball set combines the best of a medium density roller with the all around versatility of a ball.

Buy Franklin Balls (pictured) or Miracle Balls (same).

Foam Blocks

Yoga Blocks