The Video Library: Nervous System

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Nervous System #1: Spinal Cord

Embody your kelp-like spinal cord. Feel and enhance the way it is both fluid and stable.

Nervous System #2: Central Nervous System

Learn how brain and spinal cord send messages to body and how body sends sensory information to brain.

Nervous System #3: Cerebrum

Explore the four lobes: frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal. Understand about the two sides: right brain and left brain. Travel the imagination highway.

Nervous System #4: Brain Stem

Even in loss of consciousness, the heart continues to beat, the lungs to draw air … because of the brain stem.  Come feel it.

Nervous System #5: Cerebellum

Explore how the “little brain” maintains balance & posture, coordinates voluntary movements and fine tunes motor learning. Cerebellum is a neural powerhouse: 10% of brain volume but 50% of total brain neurons.

Nervous System #6: Sympathetic

The sympathetic nervous system allows us to move faster than we can think. Under threat our intelligent body defaults to fight, flight or freeze for survival.

Nervous System #7: Parasympathetic

The “queen” of the parasympathetic is the vagal nerve. Breath and hands on techniques integrated into practice to increase vagal tone to lift mood and strengthen immune system.

Nervous System #8: Enteric

Belly brain:100 million nerve cells lining esophagus to rectum. Culture encourages us to trust head over belly. But we need both brains. Come feel, listen, enliven, ignite belly brain…our gut instinct.

Nervous System #9: Default Mode Network

DMN: cortex connector—perception, filtering, limiting the extent of consciousness. MRI studies: quiets in experienced meditators, deep prayer, psychedelic users. Can we deactivate to break out of the sway of habitual thinking? Who doesn’t want a brain like that?