5Rhythms Dance


Sweat Your Prayers

Body Joy: 5Rhythms Dance with Bella Dreizler

Clara Sundays 10:00-noon  $20 drop in

Wednesday Waves

Body Joy: 5Rhythms Dance

Clara Auditorium  6:30-8:30  $20 drop in

Rhythm and Release

Saturday April 8 11:00-1:00  $45

Chandra Yoga   9332 Elk Grove Boulevard Suite 110

Come experience the essence of body joy in this moving dialogue between myofascial roller release and 5Rhythms dance. Release feet and legs, then ground right into your fluidity. Free up hips and shoulders and release into your natural power. Unleash spine and head, feel the freedom of surrender. A two hour breathing and moving journey into the dual joys of healing self-care and expressive movement. Varying density rollers provided or you can bring your own.